Kid Quest
Gets kids to think about people with disabilities and issues related to participation in daily activities, health, and accessibility. Quests are designed for 4th, 5th and 6th grade students but can be modified to meet the students’ learning styles and levels. The Quests include topics related to limitations people with disabilities face in participating in various activities and a glossary of
Lots of free information about person-centered supports for people with developmental disabilities. Each of the mall stores has departments you can look through to learn about positive practices that help people with developmental disabilities live, work and participate in our communities and improve the quality of their supports.EP Magazine
Provides information, support, ideas, encouragement and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities, and the professionals who work with them.
Provides on-line access to resources and info available throughout the federal government.

Office of Special Education
OSERS provides a wide array of supports to parents and individuals, school districts
and states in the areas of special education, vocational rehabilitation and research.
BumbleBee Educational Tools


Michael Johnson
On the Love and Learning web page (see Love and Learning below), link to a page for Michael Johnson, an artist with Down syndrome. Michael paints watercolors, acrylics and oil paintings. He shares an art studio and paints almost every day. On this web site you’ll find Michael’s paintings, note cards, art posters and Michael’s new
children’s books.

Speech Therapy and Teaching Tools:

Love and Learning
Love and Learning provides technique and materials (videotapes, audiotapes, books and computer programs) to help infants and toddlers with language and reading development. The web site includes parent testimonials and promotes constructive use of television programs along with books, audio and videotapes to enhance vocabulary and reading skills. A free demonstration CD is available.

Laureate Learning Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1982 by two speech-language pathologists, Laureate Learning Systems publishes computer software for children and adults with disabilities. Laureate’s programs are appropriate for a wide range of people from those with severe-profound developmental disabilities to mild language-learning disabilities. Laureate Learning Systems specifically offers software for persons with Down syndrome and developmental disabilities.

Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority
Use this link to find out more about JPHSA’s Developmental Disabilities services for families and children.

Brookes Publishing Co.
Brookes Publishing Company sells books and videos for parents of children with Down syndrome and other disabilities. Topics include early intervention, early childhood education, Down syndrome, disability/medical, special education and transition and employment and much more. Brookes Publishing also offers newsletters on early childhood, disabilities and education.


Band of Angels
Band of Angels sells calendars, note cards and other materials with beautiful photographs of children with Down syndrome. You can also find information on the Ralph E. Waltenbaugh Scholarship Fund on Band of Angels’ web site. The scholarship provides for post-high school education for people with Down syndrome. Each year, Band of Angels contributes a significant percentage of profits to sustain this scholarship fund. Applications are available on the web site.

Mothers With Attitude
Humor and help for adoptive moms,
special-needs moms, any old moms at all.

Norman Kunc & Emma Van der Klift
Professional Development on Disability and Non-coercive practices.

Disability Information and Resources
This site full of links with information on how to apply for free prescription drug programs; how to purchase drugs from Canada; links to medical programs; legal and advocacy resources; links to special needs trust information and recommended books; links to disability and medically-related newsletters; mailing lists and newsgroups; travel and recreation resources; education, job training and university resources; independent living resources; and much much more.

Special Olympics
From their web site: “The Special Olympics Web site has received its first major face lift since its launch in 1997. The completely redesigned site, which launched on 18 April 2003, reflects Special Olympics’ position as the largest amateur sports program in the world and a leading international nonprofit organization. With the Special Olympics movement committed to adding 1 million new athletes by 2005, the Internet will play a critical role in reaching all audiences, including athletes, families, volunteers, coaches and officials, donors and sponsors, the media and the general public.”

United Cerebral Palsy
UCP’s mission is to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, through our commitment to the principles of independence, inclusion and self-determination. Much info here about disability issues in general.

Bridges for Kids
A wealth of information in the form of
original articles and links to news from around the nation. Includes events, nation and statewide links; education reform and special education; Medicaid, SSI, FSS, Insurance, IDEA, disability info, parenting info, legal research, advocacy, new legislation, grant writing, cultural issue, and an excellent email newsletter.

Louisiana Part C Early Intervention Web Site.
Did you know that you don’t have to choose all of your child’s therapists from the same agency? There have been many new changes in the 0-3 Early Intervention setting with the DHH’s take over of ChildNet. Now you can choose individual providers from a list on the web. You search the list by provider name, zip code, availability or parish name.

Hub Educational Web Sites for Everyone
Kids Hub is a fun interactive learning center for elementary and middle school students. It includes educational games, puzzles, quizzes, spelling activities and subject guides. Kids Hub is free, requires no registration and contains no advertisements.

Middle School Hub
is a free online interactive learning center for students in grades 6-8. It includes educational games, puzzles, quizzes, and other fun learning activities.

High School Hub
is a free online learning center for high school students. It includes subject guides for English, foreign languages, math, science, and social studies.

Quiz Hub
is a subscription web site which has a collection of hundreds of fun high-quality interactive learning quizzes that help K-12 students enhance their core knowledge of English, language arts, math, science, social studies, and foreign languages. Cost for 1 computer is $35 2 or more $20 /computer; 25 or more $10 /computer. There are free quizzes on the site too, which are worth checking out.

Seussville University
Your child can learn the basics about reading, math, science and reasoning skills while having “lots of good fun that is funny” on the Seussville University web site. Your favorite Seuss characters serve as guides in this brand-new interactive learning environment.