Benefits & Planning

Making your way through the maze of forms that are needed by agencies, early intervention programs, schools, doctors, and therapists can be overwhelming. Ultimately, this page will be designed to give you the basics of the benefit system in Louisiana, links and connections to those agencies managing the benefit programs and practical information from parents who’ve gone through the maze themselves. It will also provide information and links to help you understand the complexities of planning for your child’s future.

collage5Currently, we have articles and links on benefits and special needs planning for you and will continue to research any and all benefit information important to parents of children with disabilities. The articles here are from web sites specializing in special needs planning, benefits for the disabled or in general issues faced by those with disabilities. The information contained here is not meant to replace the advice of qualified professionals such as estate planners or attorneys. It is not intended as legal advice but as a basis for greater understanding of the issues involved in obtaining benefits and planning for your child’s future.