Recommended Reading

The following two books are essential “primers” for new parents of children with Down syndrome. Babies with Down Syndrome, A New Parent’s Guide will take you through all the basics of Down syndrome in easy-to-understand language. Medical and Surgical Care for Children With Down Syndrome gives an overview of various preventative medical care and the larger medical issues that can occur in people with Down syndrome. This book uses easy-to-understand terms to explain complicated medical issues. These books are available at most book stores and on both and the publisher’s web site at wood bine house

Babies With Down Syndrome, A New Parents’ Guide

Woodbine House Publishers, 1995_2nd Edition, Edited by Karen Stray-Gunderson_ISBN 0-933149-64-6

Medical And Surgical Care For Children With Down Syndrome, A Guide For New Parents

WoodbineHouse Publishers_Edited by Van Dyke, Mattheis, Eberly and Williams_ISBN 0-933149-54-9