Buddy Walk

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Rules for Buddy Walk

  • The cutoff date for sponsorships and contests is Saturday, October 1, 2016.  People can still register online and make donations online after October 1, it just won’t count toward the contests and the sponsorships will not be on the t-shirts.
  • You and your team members are allowed to bring pop up tents but you must bring the necessary gear to hold in place – If the day is windy, please know that you may have to take it down.
  • There will be a designated area for tents and chairs that are brought into the event by participants.  No tents can be placed in the main area.  Signs will be placed to indicate the area designated for personal tents.
  • You are encouraged to bring some Halloween candy that can be given to our children as some of them will not be able to participate in festivities later in the day.  Chocolate is going to melt so please try to avoid.
  • Please remind your team not to stop along the walk to take pictures.  Please take pictures, both individually and as a group either before or after the actual walk.
  • Festivities begin at 9 am.
  • Registration the day of begins at 9 am.  Registration will close at 10:30 am.
  • If you have corporate sponsors that would like for us to mail their wristbands to them, please send an email to info@dsagno.org and give us the name of the company.  If you would prefer that we mail them to you to deliver, please let us know.  Otherwise, the wristbands can be picked up at the pre-registration table on Saturday.
  • If you know anyone that would like to volunteer to help us start setting up on Friday between 8 am and 6 pm, or any time during the day on Saturday, please contact us and let us at 504-259-6201 or info@dsagno.org.

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